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Lanterv partnership, later Lanterv Ltd was established in January 1996 by self-employed entrepreneurs dealing with design, planning and consultation of building engineering.

The business has been expanding over the 23 years, acquiring new projects and building valuable national and international partnerships. Due to our wide experience Lanterv Ltd is one of the most significant mechanical engineering firms in Hungary today.

We implemented not only numerous designs and constructions of public buildings, industrial sites, residential homes, detached houses but also completed the factory Hankook in Dunaújváros and New York Palace in Budapest.

Our services include planning, authorization, technical management, advice and consultation.

We provide not only planning and design of building engineering but also with the help of subcontractors we take up assignments of different fields (e.g. utility service, sprinkler equipment, automation).

We have been involved in the design of projects with BREEAM and LEED certification, using sustainable solutions such as heat pumps, rain water harvesting, etc.

During our work we focus on time-saving, flexibility and high-quality; in order to meet our clients' expectations.

The majority of our customers, who entrust us with design and planning, are from abroad. This is why we have an extensive pool of experience to cooperate with clients of different cultural background.

We look very much forward to welcoming you as our future client.

Lantos András

Managing Director





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