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Boscolo Hotels, New York Palace new wing

Budapest, VII. ker., Osvát u.- Rákóczi út sarok

DISCIPLINES: Air-conditioning, Chiller house, Cooling system, Firewater system, Gas supply, Heat and smoke extraction, Heating system, Roof drainage system, Sprinkler system, Ventilation, Water supply and drainage,

BUILDING TYPES: Conference Centre, Hotel Building, Kitchen for catering

The building is a part of the historic hotel building. Under the building on each floor there is a3500m2 large parking lot, where we ensured the ventilation of CO and smoke with JET ventilator.
On the upper floors there are flats, hotel rooms and for 500 participants conference room.
In the shopping arcade on the ground floor exclusive shops will be situated. The whole building is air-conditioned; the major part has artificial ventilation. The heating energy comes from condenser boilers.

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